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September 4, 2011


Welcome back to school, almost! I hope you are enjoying the last few days of summer vacation. I have been very busy this summer learning more about robotics and engineering. You can see some of my work on my blog,
I will be updating my blog more often than this site, so check there for updates. I have not been on the computer lately since my wife and I recently welcomed our first child in to the world, we will just call her Baby Cain on the internet. She is incredible and well worth the loss of sleep.

The picture above shows one of the eggplants growing in the PS 3 Eubie Blake Children's Garden. We all need to give Ms. Walker a big thank you for taking such wonderful care of the garden all summer. I have not visitied the garden since hurricane Irene struck a week ago today. Hopefully we did not loose too many plants. Farmers in the Hudson Valley, just north of NYC, saw their crops devestated by the hurricane. We were very lucky in NYC to be mostly spared from the damage of the storm.

Mr. Cain

The PS weather station is currently down. I will be getting it back online by the second week of school. Hopefully it was not damaged too badly by hurricane Irene. The yellow bar above scrolls the current weather at PS 3 every 15 mins. Put your cursor on top of it to slow the scroll speed. You may have to hit refresh for the site to update.

For the full weather report click on this link Current Weather

Here are some photos of the station. Thank you to John, our former building manager, for taking the time to build the mount to hold up the weather station and carrying the 80 lb station up to the roof.